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sarcastically, some one who uses uav jammer/juggernaut and martyrdom on a Light Machine Gun/ or any gun with a grenade launcher in Call of Duty 4.
Yeap! laying prone in the grass with a uav jammer RPD, holy what a cod4 LEGEND!
by m16 pro March 01, 2009
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a sniper in call of duty 4, who uses any of these of the following perks: Iron lungs,juggernaut,overkill,martyrdom,uav jammer or extreme conditioning
wow look at that retarded sniper. He has uav jammer and extreme conditioning on his sniper. (i dont see snipers running for long distances do you??) what a dumbass
by m16 pro March 02, 2009
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something you say really loudly when a really bad kid kills you in call of duty 4.And it pisses you off so much you scream Yeap at the top of your lungs.pretty much a word to say when you want to say every cuss word there is.
YEAP! I just got killed by a juggernaut noob tube last stand laying prone in the corner! YEAP!
by m16 pro February 26, 2009
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