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a usually white, overly-rich, insecure jerk that hovers over her kids like helicopter moms. she usually forces her kids to attend some afterschool activity such as soccer (duh) or ballet. her kids are "little angels" and she loves them more than anything while in real life she probably wants to punch them in the face non stop. the soccer mom's looks usually range from -10 to 6. the are usually seen wearing some ugly exercise clothes, and driving some big-ass, ugly SUV or van when the only have one or two kids. soccer moms are the main cause of ESRB, the V-Chip, iPhones, tracking devices, drunk husbands, car accidents, traffic jams, bad parking, and asshole kids. when they come into contact with you, they will seem very nice and polite, but the seccond you turn around, they will say something bad about you and be jealous. also, most of them have southern accents and live in north carolina or any redneck state.
every time i go to school, there is a swarm of ugly Chevy suburbans, ford explorers, Cadillac escalades and any other overweight car. inside these cars are angry depressed women (Soccer Mom) abusing their kids and bitching them around
by lucasthegreat January 21, 2013
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