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A musical genre that originated in the 1990's.
People are normally associated with emo.
It is a stereotype.
Emo. How to describe?
Most emo bands are catergorized by screaming and lyrics like "cut my wrist and black my eyes" (from Ohio is For Lovers//Hawthorne Heights). The band members normally wear make-up but what bands don't? Some even go to the extremes of wearing female clothes (most emo bands are all male) and thick black make-up around their eyes to have them appear beaten up. Emo bands are never put on MTV or FUSE. they are thought to be to depressing and inappropriate for their viewers.
I'm not saying emo is a bad thing. or a good thing for people. "Emo kids" are normally known to self-abuse. They will cut themselves. or burn themselves. give themselves bruises. or any other way of self-harm. They are known to walow in their own agony and write depressing poems about suicide and pain. Most "emo kids" are made fun of on a daily basis about their clothes or make-up. Anybody that does that is a bitch. I dont care if you're the fucking president.. you just don't do that!
emo and goth are NOT the same.
emo and scene are NOT the same.
emo and sXe are not the same.
emo and chav are not the same.
emo is a stereotype all in its own.
all stereotyping is bad.
accept someone for who they are. not how they look.
(some a-hole) damn emo kids..
(me) shut up. they are people.
(some a-hole) but look at their clothes!
(me) look at yours! do you want to be called a fag?
(some a-hole) well no.. but..
(me) didn't think so.
by lovelyxcatastrophe May 13, 2007
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An amazing band that originated in the OC.
The band members in it include:
Alex Varkataz-vocals;
Brandon Saller-drims/vocals;
Dan Jacobs-guitar;
Marc McKnight-bass;
Travis Miguel-guitar;

They are a metal/rock band. THEY ARE NOT HARDCORE. They may seem it but they are not. Atreyu has put out 4 albums.
{{not including the bonus or best of}}

1.]Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty.
2.]Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses.
3.]The Curse.
4.]Death Grip on Yesterday.

{moron}-atreyu is so hardcore!

{person}-shut the fuck up moron.
by lovelyxcatastrophe May 13, 2007
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