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A boys' name, and most boys with this name will most likely have blond hair and blue eyes. Owens are cute, but not in a good way, they are cute like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn... Owens are normally whats known as a girly boy, and are believed to have a "man-jina" but no girl would even consider going into his pants to find out. Owens are not masculine in any way. Most believe Owens to be "in the closet" about their obvious sexuality (gay) only stupid girls believe he isn't, but they also think he is "hot" which is not true.
Abbie: omg owen is so hot. Zach: no he is not, and besides he's gay. Ciara: yeah owen is so gay, but it comes with the name
by love from, your bitch November 21, 2010
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