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character in the movie 300 by frank miller, ephialtes wanted to be in the spartan army but was too pussy to lift his sheild high enough to fit in the phalanx formation

after rejection from the badass leonidas, he took sides with the transexual xerxes, and then wore a funny hat and pajamas, which he much prefered to his manly spartan hot pants.

the closest thing to quasimodo and paris hilton.
spartan captain: fuck off you beast!
leonidas: sorry for my captains actions, his dick is too big for his hot pants, so to speak.
ephialtes: leonidas, let me be part of your hench army
leonidas: no, you are ugly
ephialtes: mother, father, you were wrong!!! *jumps off cliff*
by lord fingelburnstein April 10, 2008

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