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a beautiful strong witted girl with an amazing sense of humor. an avery will never let you feel alone. many people try their hardest to be with an avery. averys are a rare creature for they are one of a kind. avery is lovable, mesmerizing, and cunning. she could melt you with a single glare. watch out, avery has a dark side. be careful what you say about avery, for she is fragile and a bit dangerous. fire is the symbol for avery. beautiful and stunning, yet wild and viscous. most averys have long locks of golden blonde hair that slides smoothly down her back, but there are other averys. consider yourself a very lucky person if there is an avery in your life, because they are a once in a lifetime miracle.
Me: wow guys guess what??
Them: huh bro?
Me: I got an avery.

Them: treat that avery like gold my man, that's a work of art. you're one lucky fucker!
Me: yeah nigga i know.
by liplesskitty November 28, 2015

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