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Comes from the author Franz Kafka, and refers to the style with which he wrote his books (which in his dying wish asked for to be burned).

Basically it describes a nightmarish situation which most people can somehow relate to, although strongly surreal. With an ethereal, "evil", omnipotent power floating just beyond the senses.
You go to the city to see the law. Upon arrival outside the building, there is a guard who says "You may not pass without permission", you notice that the door is open, but it closed enough for you to not see anything (the law).

You point out that you can easily go into the building, and the guard agrees. Rather than be disagreeable, however, you decide to wait until you have permission.

You wait for many years, and when you're an old, shriveled wreck, you get yourself to ask:

"During all the years I've waited here, no-one else has tried to pass in to see the law, why is this?",
and the guard answers:

"It is true that no-one else has passed here, that is because this door was always meant solely for you, but now, it is closed forever".

He then procceeds to close the door and calmly walk away.

This is in fact, one of his short stories, and is very typical to his style, i.e. kafkaesque.
by LinuX February 04, 2006

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Incredibly stable OS which is completly free and can be changed in anyway and distributed freely. Often insulted by newbies or people with not enought patience to figure it out. Many different flavors of Linux.
Linux almost never crashes and works fast.
by linux July 11, 2003

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One who is pimped out beyond any reasonable means; King of all pimps held in highest regard by other pimps;
Dont mess with him, he's the wronskain of the city!!
by Linux April 14, 2003

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Someone who worships a company, brand, concept, idea etc... to the point where they will not be capable of listening to statements disagreeing with their view.

The term itself is most commonly used on forums discussing "nerdy" topics.

It is often connected to nostalgia, and also often follows with hardship of argumenting for their own view, seeing as how they haven't had a reason to for themselves.
Jack: View {X} is correct.
John: I disagree with that opinion, I feel that View {Y} is correct.
Jack: You are wrong.
John: I feel that view {Y} is correct because of arguments {a},{b} and {c}.
Jack: You are wrong, view {X} is correct, because it is better.

Jack is the fanboy.
by LinuX February 04, 2006

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