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Post grunge, alternative rock band formed in 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona. The band was started by two important people: Chester Bennington (vocalist) and Sean Dowdell (drummer). The rest of the band contains Jason Barnes (guitarist) and Mace Beyers (bassist). They were called "Sean Dowdell and His Friends?" but after three track cassette they changed it to "Grey Daze".
Jason left the band and was replaced by Bobby Benish as a lead guitarist. During seven years spent as a band they released two albums - Wake me (1994) and No sun today (1997).
In 1999 Chester joined Hybrid Theory later renamed to Linkin Park.
Old tracks by Grey Daze were remastered by Linkin Park.
Grey Daze is great band unfortunately unknown even to LP fans.
by linkinparker February 17, 2008
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Pub "U Gašpara" is favourite after-skool activity of students of GJAR (Gymnázium Jána Adama Raymana)in Prešov, Slovakia. Many hungry students for long long years go for a lunch to old Gašpar`s grandmother even Dr. Liba (grandpa)is mad about it.
You can eat, drink, watch movies or read books, smoke water pipes and ciggarets and everything free!
The house of Gašpar family will be a legendary place for the whole future.
God bless Gašpar.
-What are ya doin` after skool?
-I`m hungry. Let`s visit Pub "U Gašpara".
by linkinparker February 11, 2008
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