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hey are the best person. in the fucking. UNIVERSE. just,,,,,,, ngl i feel like i dont do enough to help them tbh--he is such a sweet, caring, he has a PERFECT sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh, his art is sososososOSOSOSO pretty like omg. their art style is so unique, like as soon as you see smn they draw you KNOW its by them and just :pleading_face: flaslfalkjfljkasljfljk

also i used to have a gigantic crush on placid jkf;jlksajflk and ik a lot of people have crushes on him. and i too, really liked him :sunglasses: lol. anyways--you cant mention placid without mentioning their wholesomeness. like oh my god they always make me smile from their wholesome energy. and fakslj;ljk;fjkallkjfsldkj;KFLASFK oh my god they . have such amazing energy and theirs vibes are so good like.
Liam: hi this is my paragraph for the best person in the universe and then everybdoy else be like: ia gre. placid iks teh best
by liammanboyboyman November 15, 2020

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he is a fucking bottom bitch
also kinda hot but mostly a bottom bitch LOL
placid: hey you know rylandd?
anybody in the universe: you mean that fucking bottom that is stupid and that liam is more of a top than?
by liammanboyboyman July 14, 2021

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If you know a Kairi, you know an absoloute AMAZING person. He is very creative and has so much artistic talent, along with the absoloute PERFECT sense of humor that fits everybody. But most importantly, they are just so, SO sweet and caring and so loveable. You can't know a Kairi that DOSEN'T care for everybody that he encounters. Of course, you can't mention a Kairi without mentioning how wholesome and absoloutely lovely they are. Just being in a 100 mile radius of one can put you in a good mood. Not to mention that every Kairi is super handsome. Their vibes and energy is just so amazing that you could just talk to one all day.
guy 1: dude, i absoloutely adore that guy so much,,,,

guy 2: yeah, hes GOT to be a kairi
by liammanboyboyman November 15, 2020

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