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"government by the least qualified, most stupid members"
lisa: hey guess what?
joe: what?
lisa: i'm a member of the kakistocracy!
joe: that's not a good thing.

lisa: ...
joe: this explains why you failed preschool.
by letsgetrealdefinitions May 10, 2019
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Ok, let's be honest over here. If you're looking up the word hi, you're probably really bored, and need something to do. Seriously, look up a more intresting word, like zither, quixotic, or schadenfreude. But, if for some inexplicable reason you are here for any other reason than being bored or an alien trying to learn the English language, then let's put it like this. Spelled HI, prounced exactly the way it looks, and means "to greet someone or something."

bob: hi lindy
lindy: hi bob how are you?

me: hi chair, how are you?

*crickets chirping*
by letsgetrealdefinitions May 10, 2019
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