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A. A genre of punk rock based in hardcore, but more experimental. Has a lot in common with emo, but less introspective.

B. A word scene kids who don't even know who fugazi was use to describe their music
A- "At the drive-in is a pretty good post-hardcore band."

B- trendy kid: "Chiodos is a good post-hardcore band."
punk kid: "fuck you."
by leonardkoehn July 30, 2008
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Apparently, a word trendy scene kids use to describe annoying pop-rock with castrated singers and guitarists who wear their guitars at chest level.
Trendy scene kid: "Dude! This band plays awesome screamocore!"

Normal skramz kid: "Fuck you."
by leonardkoehn July 30, 2008
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A. The first name of a comedian.

B. Trendy way to say emotional.

C. An unfortunate name for genre of music that is derived from hardcore punk, but is more experimental and usually more complex. It was called emo because it incorporated more emotions than simple punk anger.

D. An entirely different genre of music based in turn of the century pop punk. Though it's not bad, per se, it tends to be derivative and a little boring. Fans of (C) emo hate (D) emo with a passion.
A. Emo Phillips.

B. Trendy kid: "I'm emo."

C. Antioch Arrow is a good emo band.

D. Alternative Press magazine: "This new emo band is the shit!!!!" (said band sounds just like the last band that the magazine worshipped for a week}
by leonardkoehn July 30, 2008
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