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1. A noob is a person who really sucks at a game but refuses to learn/listen to people who are skilled. Many of them may have been playing the game for a while, but still suck at it. They usually have no hope.

2. Noobs generally get extremely upset over being beaten and can not admit that they are bad at the game. Often they will accuse the skilled people of hacking.

3. This word is an insult in general so people often wrongly use it and just call somebody that they do not like a noob, regardless of skill.

4. This term is often confused with the term "newb," and people who confuse these terms are usually either noobs themselves, or somebody who is good but is just mean (and has a lot of pride for being skilled).

1. Newb comes from "newbie." Somebody new to a game and they will generally suck at it. However, the reason that they suck is because of their unfamiliarity to the game. They have the potential to become good. This is not a derogatory term.

2. Also, newbs are not always bad at the game, as they may have played similar games in the past, but when it comes to knowing where things are, or information- they don't know.

1. Player: Hey man you keep getting killed, I'd recomend using a sniper rifle in this large zone, rather than that shotgun.
Noob: dude stfu i no wat im doin *gets killed again*

2. *noob gets killed yet again*
Noob: WTF u freaking hacker u suck
Player: Err...No I've just had the game for quite a while.
Noob: STFU
Player: .....Alright I have had enough of you, noob. *begins to kill the noob specifically over anybody else*

3. *Player1 spawns and picks up a shotgun*
Player2: wtf taht shotgun shuld be minez i was rite there 2 pick it up.
Player1: Sorry, I guess I got it.
Player2: u freaking noob i hate u.
Player1: Dude, we are on the same team, it benefits you as well.
Player2: SCREW U NOOB!!!111

4. Newplayer: Hey where is the enemy base?
Skilledplayer: ROFL NOOB
Newplayer: err....sorry I'm new.
Skilledplayer: LOL at you!!!!112@@
Newplayer: ....

1. Player: Hey man you really need to work on your shooting. You don't seem to know where you are going either.
Newplayer: ...Yeah I just got the game....sorry.
Player: Yeah, I remember back when I was a newb. You'll get better, and learn where things are.

2. Newplayer: Hey where is the enemy base?
Player: Wow, I saw you shooting pretty well. How could you not know that?
Newplayer: I just got the game, sorry. I'm kind of a newb.
Player: But damn you shoot well.
Newplayer: Yeah, I played game X before, so I have experience with these kinds of games. But now I'm moving on to this game.
Player: Cool. Alright follow me, their base is over here.
by leethaxorz September 15, 2006

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