3 definitions by leafsquare222

a stupid phrase said by only stupid cunts and people in fanfics
person 1: please sir
person 2: i'm gonna kill you
person 1: hmmm sussy baka
by leafsquare222 June 01, 2021
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the darkest place on the internet that has never been explored due to its mysteriousness
person 1: hey what's in kaitlyns wattpad archive?
person 2: probably just boring stuff.... i think
by leafsquare222 June 02, 2021
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Willy the dog is your average neighborhood dog. However his bark is so horrifying it can drive some people to extreme limits. Such as hiding in closets, on counter tops, and in bathrooms.
Willy the dog is has a very loud bark
by leafsquare222 August 11, 2019
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