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the guy that will fulfill your life; that cute, funny guy that wants a girl that will love him no matter what, hes that guy that wants a girl that will never hurt him; someone that wants that special girl that will show that they care about him, someone that can prove he means everything to them. Someone that likes to joke around but likes to be serious at the same-time, someone that wants someone that will treat them how he should be treated no matter what, hes the guy that no girl should take for granted, that guy that every girl dreams of, someone that will always cheer a girl up no matter how hurt or sad she could be, hes that kind of guy that will do anything to make his girl happy, someone that puts other people before him, someone that doesn't like fighting, someone who can be very hurt but will hide it just so people would get mad at me; guy that likes to bmx and play video games; :) the guy that likes to cuddle and be close to the ones he loves. Geoffry the one guy that will never let you down!

The guy anyone would fall in love with<3
"I wished that i would never do anything to break your heart; and that i wouldn't get mine brokenā™„" -Geoffry

Forever; -Geoffry

Promise<3 -Geoffry
by lawlaa January 17, 2011
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