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Punk For Life. Of course. Iconoclasts, forever street kids at heart, artists on the fringes. Not just neon mohawks and The Clash. Punk under the surface, punk attitude, punk vision, punk understanding of the world. Never a perfect fit for anyone. Can't conform even if you try.
Chick is 35 and she still cuts her own clothes. She's PFL.
by lablugirl September 8, 2016
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When someone you thought was cool likes something bigoted, ignorant or otherwise heinous on Facebook and you see it in your feed, so you start liking as many things as possible that refute said heinous like, hoping the once-cool person will see your likes in his/her feed and perhaps take a moment to consider whether he/she might in fact be a thoughtless moron.
Disillusioned Girl: Ugh, that smoking' hot guy I met on vacation liked some idiotic "Straight Pride" meme on FB. Dream officially shattered.

Disillusioned Girl's Friend: Just feedbomb the shit out of him with every rainbow-colored thing you can find.
by lablugirl December 3, 2015
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