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A period of time reserved for the making of a bowel movement, plus an indeterminate duration after that in the same location, while wrapping up the game, email or facebook checking you're engaged in.
I'll be back in ten minutes, I need some iPhone time.
by l0ner August 06, 2010
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A term for methamphetamine used by the particularly addicted and strung out when seeking their next fix. Mostly used by those addicts that are so far along they are missing several teeth, have a pale complexion, are covered in sores and lack sufficient cognitive ability to think about much else than getting more to feed their hunger.
Strung out meth addict: Brains!

Sane person: You are likely to find more fulfillment by seeking out other...

Strung out meth addict: BRAINS!!!!!
by l0ner September 15, 2011
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