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a.) Rhymes with the "Royce" in the name of the car: "Rolls Royce". A very friendly valediction in the spirit of peace, definition 2. Used to bid farewell to any good friends, but differs from the traditional peace in that it is usually preceded by an especially agreeable or profound conversation or realization among the parties involved. "Poice" has the added connotations of the other words it most resembles, i.e. "poise" and choice, definitions 4,5,6,7.
b.)Used in the middle of a conversation to express profound and satisfying agreement with something that someone else just said.
Usage a.)

Friend one: Mark, I can't believe we talked for so long tonight, man, that was incredible.

Friend two: poice, Kurt. Let's get together tomorrow for breakfast.

Usage b.)

Friend one: Dude, none of this stuff that we own matters man. All of these material things, they all fade away. What is left when all the bullshit fades away, and you're in bed alone at night with your thoughts? Love, man, that is what is left.

Friend two: poice.
by kurtisheath April 14, 2009
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The descriptive name of a now-famous male hairstyle. Before it was called the "sweet-short-long", it was called "hockey hair". Of course, now it is called the "mullett". But the potential for slight shifts of emphasis within "sweet-short-long" cleary make it the best choice, as illustrated by the example below:
Friend 1: I haven't seen Jackson in awhile. Does he still have that sweet-short-long?

Friend 2: Yeah, but he's starting to lose his hair, it's more like a sweet-bald-long now.
by kurtisheath October 6, 2008
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