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1. n. Obscene. The female genitalia.
2. n. Slang. A dollar.
3. v. Informal. To be quiet.
4. n. Derog. A Scientologist.
5. n. A shelled sea creature.
I told the clam to shut her clam because I don't have enough clams to be a clam.
by kumaki April 07, 2004
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An urban gentleman with an avid interest in foreign films, fine wine, organic cooking,
interior decoration, designer clothing, scented hand lotion, premium hair products, manicures, pedicures, poodle grooming, and — perhaps most importantly — pussy.
I tried to exchange fashion tips with the metrosexual, but it was hard, because my brother wouldn't stop flirting with him.
by kumaki April 07, 2004
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