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Laser Eyed Basement Dweller

A guy who lives in his mother's basement and tweets about Bitcoin from an anonymous account with a laser eyed profile picture.
Yet another LABD with #Bitcoin in his bio. How much do you want to bet he's a carnivore who thinks sound money is the cure for all the world's problems?
by kryptokaare June 6, 2021
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The act of accumulating satoshis ("sats"), the penny of bitcoin over time. This term emphasizes that even really small accumulations of bitcoin are useful because of the value they will have in the future.
Stack sats, fuck bitches

Put at least 1% of your salary towards stacking sats. Your grandchildren will thank you from their mansions.
by kryptokaare April 28, 2019
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The mental prison one is kept in as a Bitcoin maximalist. Closely guarded by Twitter influencers, thoughts and words are as controlled as in North Korea. In this mental cage, no exploration of DeFi, NFTs or other blockchains is allowed.
After breaking out of Maxi Mind Prison last year, I've made $40,000 in airdrops and keep my savings account in Anchor Protocol for a steady 20% APY on my dollars. Life is beautiful.
by kryptokaare June 10, 2021
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