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"Pure ambrosia for the soul. Lovely bulgarian music, unique in character, deeply rooted in traditional Bulgarian folklore. Highly recommended!"

I am gravely disappointed by the fact that Bai Mangau's eloquent sarcasm went unnoticed by Bulgaria's highly active internet voting herd of time-wasters that seem to have been so active here today, 4/8/2005. (I'd wager it's because of their poor English, mine being far from flawless).
A carnivorous hyena enters the Bulgarian parliament,
Driven and motivated, she is let down by insidious senators.

Dread the internet voting herd.
by krum April 08, 2005
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Starbucks, the coffee franchise that originated in seattle, and now is known worldwide.
Yo man, meet me at bucks at eight.


Do you wanna go to bucks tongiht?
by krum December 23, 2003
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