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A.) When person(s) violate succinct requests for privacy by gaining unauthorized access through the front entryway.

B.) When a man or woman (or both) engage in screwing their country, then wipe a collection of fecal matter on the faces of everybody in their social network.

C.) When rear entry is not an option, so person(s) violate by sneaking through the front door.
Hey, did you catch them giving their boss the old "Dirty Salahi"? They walked right into the company picnic like they owned the place....... AND they weren't even invited!

Hey, did you see the look on their friends' faces....... they had been "Dirty Salahi'd"!!

dirty sanchez dirty rodriguez dirty hitler filthy sanchez frosty moustache
by krappykrieger October 16, 2010
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When one person places mail inside the rectal cavity of their partner immediately after engaging in an act of sex.

angry sex forced sex forced entry insertions chain letter
while engaged in doggy style sex, the *angry "rear" partner pulls out and quickly forces ANY piece of mail (regular mail, advertisements, boxed package) into the anal cavity of the front partner while saying "Drop your tail here's your mail"!!

Under ordinary circumstances the immediate, uncontrollable, unconditioned reflex is to drop tail.

*NOTE: the majority of the time the ""rear" partner has just received a piece of mail officially addressed to the "front" partner. The mail is always addressed from a secret lover.

If you never get it, just be thankful.
by krappykrieger October 16, 2010
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