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a excellent example of how talentless people can make it in the music industry. 2. a person who lacks depth and talent whose songs don't require much singing skill or none at all.
My 8 year old niece sounds better singing an ashanti song then ashanti does.

If you ever feel that you will never be discovered in the music industry...never give up...look at ashanti...she has the talent of a turd and look she is making money!!
by knightingale October 31, 2005

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A chav-type women who insists on dressing in tracksuit bottoms and tops, with huge hooped earrings, that if you actually gave her a shower and some nice clothes would look very attractive
Warren: "Jesus! Look at the state of her, she looks like shit!"

Danny: "Nah mate, give her a class dress and a bit of make-up and she'll be hot; that's Urban Gold right there!"
by Knightingale February 07, 2014

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