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the love of youre life who will pretend to like you just for fun. hes amazing at sports, funny, quiet, loving, caring, super sexy, and has breath-taking eyes. he IS perfect. he can be a douche bag at times but is so worth it. he lies but you can never tell when. if you even get a jordan, hold onto him for as long as you can. youll regret losing him...
Girl 1: "sigh..."
Girl 2: whats up?
Girl 1: just guess..
Girl 2: mmm... jordan?
Girl 1: yep.
by kitkat14 September 24, 2010

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tenea is usually an athletic girl who likes music and is some what tomboyish. she has many close friends and will get along with most people. she is caring and loyal to her friends.
hey tenea! what are ya doin after school?
by kitkat14 September 14, 2010

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