1 definition by kingslaya666

When you are in the doggystyle position, pull out and spray your cum on the girls ass, her ass of course being the bumper, and then your cum the sticker. Adding a nice slap is also good for those bitches who like it rough.
You: hey bro you'll never guess what happened last night!
Friend: what happened?
You: I totally gave my girlfriend a bumper sticker last night.

Friend: wow. Normally I'd assume it was just a normal bumper sticker, but because of how much ass you get because of how cool you are, it sounds oddly sexual. What's it mean?
You: yeah I totally do get lots of ass, and its when you pull out and cum on they ass.

Friend: cool I did that to your mom last week!
You: yeah she's a whore.
by kingslaya666 April 12, 2014
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