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Someone who is known (either world-widely or nationally) through the internet, though mainly from Youtube. Many get hated especially if they breakthrough and be part of Hollywood business (Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black), but a lot are admired.

Most internet celebrities are comedians, singers, bloggers and, nowadays, pranksters. The singers part is where some haters grow, but the comedians get a lot of praise.

They usually start out good and funny, but after a few videos, they start to do anything they want and lose ideas/creativity. But people still like them. I admit, I'm one.
Janoskians, Chris Crocker (one of the first, most influential), Shane Dawson, Smosh, Nigahiga, MrTeddy, Kevjumba, Ray William Johnson, Perez Hilton, Jenna Marbles, Community Channel (Natalie Tran)...are examples of an internet celebrity
by kilamnyaz June 6, 2012
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