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anorexia is an eating disorder. although comonly mistaken as a self-inflicted diet plan, it is not. in fact, anorexia is a complicated disease often cause by poor self-confidence, unrealistic body image, a cry for attention, or the need for control. friends and family who feel a need to help often comment in several ways; sometimes they flatter the person about how thin they are, sometimes going as far as to tell them they should gain weight because they are too thin, other times they comment how they haven't eaten lately and should. though most comments are provoked by worries and concerns it is often better to wait for the anorexic to confide in them. if they trust you, they will. and when they admit they need help they will ask for it. forcing a person to eat or maintain a certain body weight is the worst way to attempt to help.
anorexia is a very serious and very personal problem. help your family and friends but be careful not to lose them in the proccess.
by kikass April 23, 2005
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a place of torture only eased by drugs and alchohol to dim the memories.
if you remember high school you either weren't there or you weren't cool
by kikass March 31, 2005
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