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A.K.A. Roy Moore's Law, is the observation that the number of pretty young under-aged honeypots in a crowded mall increases the chances of harassing, assaulting, and or raping some under-aged teenager as an approximate inverse proportion to the whole number of all teenaged girls present at the mall on any given afternoon.
Whoa, vile Roy was at the mall this afternoon and according to Moore's Law, Roy came home with a 14 year old girl, took her to his bedroom and made her feel his Johnson through his underwear before she cried to go home - what a fucking repugnant pedophile.
by keyline26 December 12, 2017
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A politician or political party that ratifies pedophilia through financial or moral support, or utilized as pedophilicanism, a political stance indicating acceptance of pedophilia.
The Republican Party should now be known as the Pedophilicans, because when it comes to running for a United States Senate seat as a Republican, any pedophile can.

If Moore is a pedophile, Trump and the rest of the Republican Party are Pedophilicans.
by keyline26 December 06, 2017
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A Witch Catch is the culmination of a successful Witch Hunt.
It appears that Mueller's Witch Hunt, currently with over 32 indictments and or convictions, has turned into a successful Witch Catch.
by keyline26 November 28, 2018
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