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Anything a baby could do put on a canvas and hanged on a museum's wall. Or if you're into sculptures, any random object placed on a white podium, in a dark room, with a solitary light shining upon it.
I wonder who would pay more for a random piece of garbage...a modern art museum or ebay?
by kevthegreat55 October 23, 2005
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Commonly used to avoid saying the word "shit," the origins come from the children's movie "Spy Kids," where the female lead character, upon noticing the amount of enemies ahead, says the word "shit," but in order not to swear in front of her parents, proceeds to say "talking mushrooms," to create the illusion of saying "shitalking mushrooms." Nowadays, is commonly shortened to shiitake mushrooms, modeled after the Japanese word for mushroom.
shiitake mushrooms= mushroom mushrooms in japanese.

Shh...talking mushrooms!
by kevthegreat55 June 22, 2006
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