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A non-romantic pairing of two (or more) characters together. It focuses on the their relationship as friends, or occasionally as real blood-related brothers.

May be written as: "bro ship", "broship" or "bro!ship"

Relatable to: BrOTP
Ace, Luffy, and Sabo have the best bro!ship ever!
I love Edward and Al, they're my number one broship.
Yep, I bro!ship those two.
by kerfulles January 26, 2014
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A reason often used to cover up the (possibly) suspicious relationship of two people.
Nina: So how did you meet Rose again?
John: Oh we were... um.. classmates back in ABACUS CLASS!
Nina: So are you just friends?
John: Yep! Just friends! Right! We have a totally platonic relationship!
Nina: You sure? I thought I saw you two holding hands yesterday...
John: Oh yeah that! Isn't that what old friends do when they-um... meet after a long time?
Nina: ...Ok. As long as you're not cheating on me...
John: Ahahaha..
by kerfulles February 17, 2014
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