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Located in the middle of friggin nowhere. Full of illegal mexicans who work at the mushroom farms who in 2 years are going to have to leave because they are gonna tear them all down. At the schools when you are jumped by a mexican you're jumped by 20 so it is 20 on 1. They claim we are diverse but they only say that because there are more mexicans here than in mexico. 80% of the kids have no lives and rumors spread faster than anything in kennett. Conservative people can't seem to explain themselves when it comes to politics and it seems like they don't even watch the news. The rest of us sane people support the unionville-kennett rivalry when it comes to sports but don't seem to want to jump the nice kids who live down the street, call us crazy. 75% of the people in my class are not going to graduate because they spend every class period inside the bathrooms. This place is hell and I wish the kids at unionville would shut the hell up about how that place sucks because at kennett you can't even get a decent education because they only care about the mexicans because those are the only ones stopping us from making AYP every year. At least the kids at unionville have great sports teams and can have teachers focus on the honor/AP students. Even with a 4.0 at kennett you can't get into Stanford

Yes this is coming from a kennett student/resident
Unionville kid: I wish I was a kennett
Kennett Kid: Shut the hell up you are going to UPenn with a 3.2
by kennettloser April 02, 2007
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