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A football program whose best days were in the great depression era. They truly suck in today's time and are guranteed to be shittier with rich rodriguez as coach. They make fun of ohio state fans yet they get their asses beat by them every year by more than 3 touchdowns. Bad colors, lack of talent, and the city ann arbor all equal to a program that recruits and people in general find as crap on a stick.
Billy- The Michigan Wolverines are the winningest program in college football.
Kyle- Yea when my deceased grandfather was just being born
Billy- Michigan still has some good players and their stadium is one of the biggest in america
Kyle- Thats not what terrelle pryor thought after he decommited and when appalachian state made the "big house" the "big dump."
by kellis13 July 25, 2009

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The solution to the university of florida football program downfall during the zook years(2002-2004). Meyer took over for Ron zook in 2005 after zook was fired for being the worst coach in florida football history. Meyer took over a team that was used to losing close games and made them 9-3 his first year and then went 13-1 his second year in 2006 to win the national title. He won with a lot of players that zook recruited so people hate on him and say he needs to win with his own players, but now into his fourth year and 3 top 3 recruting classes later, meyer and his gators are going to the second national title in three years and most likely will add another trophy to the shrine in gainsville. Meyer saved the Gators from becoming as mediocre as vanderbilt is at football.
Bob-hey the Gators beat the shit out FSU last week 45-15
Glen-yea urban meyer made bobby bowden his bitch for the 4th straight year.
by kellis13 December 06, 2008

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