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1. 100 % success against tremendous odds.
2. a perfect score
1. On this mission the Astronaut realized with the completion of the task he was "batting 1000".
2. I aced the test, won the competition, and became champion.
by keli kear November 08, 2003
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1. Someone who cannot hold their liquor.
2. Slang for Bartender.
3. Someone stuck pouring beer from a keg.
4. Someone who shares their drink with others instead of finishing it themselves.
1. He is an irresponsible sieve.
2. Call the Sieve to take our orders.
3. He cannot mingle with the guests, he is stuck as Sieve.
4. She finishes all her drinks as a sieve.
by Keli Kear January 03, 2005
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