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Sanam is basically perfect in every way. Sanam states her opinion and can be such a bitch, but that's why everyone loves her! Sanam is the fucking sex! Her ass is to die for, she has huge boobs, but likes to hide them. Sanam falls easily in love, she's a sucker for love! Sanam's are strong, they know how to stand up for themselves! Sanams have the most beautiful smile ever. When Sanams laugh, people smile because their laugh is so innocent and sweet. Sanams are very rare this is because they LOVE. Sanams love to dress, the Sanam I know loves fashion, and she's amazing at it. Sanams have a cheeky side. Sanams are amazing at sex!! They give the best blow jobs and are just wow in everyway! Sanam adores her friends and family. But she is a little rebel, Sanam's are usually "Daddy's little girl". Sanam's are cheeky and charming, they're cute and very voluptuous, they're caring and always tend to put others feelings in front of there's; they care TOO much. The Sanam I know, thinks she's funny.. which she can be at times, when she doesn't try! Sanams can dance like Shakira they move their bodies ;) Once you meet a Sanam, you'll instantly fall in love. Sanams have their own ways. The Sanam I know has eyes to die for, she can get anything she wants just by a simple sexy stare. Sanam = definition of Perfect and everything you've ever dreamed of. You'd be crazy to reject a Sanam.
Yo there are beautiful girls everywhere, but none of them can compare to Sanam

For real?

Check it out for yourself bra

Dayyyyym, she is fiiiiine!!!
by keepflyingtolove September 25, 2011
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