Basically, it is a girl who has it made in the shade. Her daddy loves her to the breaking point and will pretty much do anything for her.

She wants to go to that expensive college? Great! She wants to go to Europe for the summer? No problem! She wants her ex-boyfriend shot? Daddy will take care of it!

The opposite if Mommy's little boy. That is basically a boy who will do anything his mom tell him to do.
Girl: Daddy, can you buy me that balloon?

Daddy: Anything for you, princess!
by BusinessMan March 2, 2005
A father fucker. i.e. someone who fucks their dad.
"Katie is a daddy's little girl"
"that sick little father fucker"
by Laura March 3, 2005
A girl (teenaged or older) who is basically still tied to her father's apron-strings (or whatever the male equivolent of apron-springs are). She is usually a spoilt brat, owns nice clothes, maybe a car, has her hair done every five minutes, all on Daddy's credit card. Dates boys she thinks are good enough for the likes of her, but if they do anything wrong then Daddy will basically be after giving them a stern talking-to (or a good hiding, depending on what sort of person Daddy is).
"There's that Daddy's Little Girl again. She just pulled up in her brand new car and has strutted in wearing designer clothes and with her expensive hair-do. Do you think she ever wonders what it's like to earn anything in life?"
by StormSworder August 20, 2006
a.k.a. Daddy's Girl
Belittling and insulting term for a female who "won't do anything her daddy told her not to", so to speak. Often used for younger girls who don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't take other drugs, go to church every Sunday, don't engage in pre-marital sex, do their homework every day, go to bed early, never disappoint their parents, and/or similar situations.
Can also be used on older women with simlar personality treats.

See also: Pollyannaish, Goody Two-Shoes
What, you don't drink beer? What are you, Daddy's Little Girl.
by Mefistofeles August 24, 2004
AKA-(D.L.G.) When a man or boy drops his pants & underwear to his ankles and tucks his junk(cock and balls) between his legs so it looks like he has a vagina.
OHHHH MY GOSH....Look at him he's doin Daddy's Little Girl
by King Kock March 30, 2006