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This is slang for "Norwegians"
"Where do you think they are from? Do you think they are from Norway?"
"Yes, they look like Noggies"
by kattaisekken November 29, 2019
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Norwegian word for home office when you are not planning to do much work.

In comparison to hjemmekontor, which is what you have when you actually are working productively from home. It's pronounced the same, however, "hjemme" means at home, and "gjemme" means to hide. See what we clever Noggies did there?!
"I'm working from home tomorrow"...

"Are you having hjemmekontor or gjemmekontor with GJ?"

"hehe, you got me, I'll be at my gjemmekontor at the golfcourse"
by kattaisekken July 13, 2017
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