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Hannah is a girl name. She is crazy and adventurous. She is not scared to make her hands dirty but does care a lot about her reputation and appearance even if she denies it. She is the pretty girl in your group of friends. Hannah likes a good drink and a smoke once in a while but knows when to stop. She is a friend you can rely on but doesn't always know how to react or take care of serious things. She is certainly the friend you will end up in jail with and have a good laugh at what happened even if you are in serious trouble. When it comes down to boys you'll never know what Hannah thinks. She likes to mess around but never goes farther than a 'hello, goodbye'. Hannah is a very happy person that won't get mad easely but watch out, she is a gossipgirl. She isn't a Blair or a Serena. Not the Bad-girl neither the type to plan her future. She goes trew life with the moto "shit happens, get over it".
Oh hannah oh hannah, you are like barbra streisland
by karolina des Espignaras December 09, 2010

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