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related to the player, the gentleman lover difers in that he will respect the women he makes love to.
he gets his pussy by acting as though he truly cared abought the girl making the girl want to sleep with him
while the pimp may sleep with more women than the gentleman lover; he will get more repeat business
also the gentleman lover does not have as many women pissed off at him at the end of the day
also, it is not uncommon for all of his women to know who each other are and may even be friends with each other
the only downside to being a gentleman lover is that it can sometimes take much longer to get individual women to sleep with you, this is offset by the fact that once you have a few good women your reputation for lovemaking and respect will make it much easier to gain new lovers
by karanandos meneski July 05, 2005

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a small cut, not usually on purpose
aw shit i nicked myself shaving
by Karanandos Meneski May 17, 2005

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an aerosmith song abought gettin pussy
pink when i turn out the lights
pink oh its red but not quiet
and so on
by Karanandos Meneski December 02, 2004

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what happens when you tell a multibillionare that he doesnt know how to have a good time.
Man1:bill gates is no fun

bill gates:no im not; look at this
(shows Man1 xbox)

Man1:ok your cool
by karanandos meneski July 20, 2005

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