1 definition by kandp

A plain, frumpy, non-interesting female who will often dress in a masculine fashion. Will be jealous of attractive and educated women who stand out and have more to offer. As a result will latch on to the first man, (despite claiming they hate them) who show interest in them and live off them like a parasite.
"Kelly should have been born a man; she dresses like one and she should really do something about that limp hair. She's so dowdy. Do you know she got a job through her husband because she had poor exam results and couldn't get a decent job of her own accord?

Yeah, she came off a rough housing estate and is average as average could be. No wonder she is jealous of the pretty girls with their top exam grades, who managed to live in privileged areas off their own bat. She couldn't afford anything without a man."
by kandp November 15, 2010
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