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the most delicios burger on the planet. anyone will tell you its the sauce!! the sandwich is like $2.38, and, the meal is somewhere between $4.68 and $5.50
Pimply Faced Teen:What will you have?
Me:Uh, two big macs, both with extra sauce, but no cheese, uh, one with large fries and sprite, no ice , but the other just the sandwich.
Pimply Faced Teen: $10.88
by k-neezy June 24, 2006
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when a boy or a gurls booty is so ugly and/or flat, it makes you want to puke.
Girl 1:Look at that guy over there, he's cute?
Girl 2:Oh, no he got a raunchy booty!!
Girl 1:You're right.
by k-neezy June 23, 2006
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