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A Jesuit University located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and headed by Father William P. Leahy (who no one likes or can recognize). The Boston College Administration currently finds himself in the midst of a controversy surrounding the exclusion of sexual orientation in the Unversity's notice of non-discrimination. A 2005 student referendum showed 84% in favor of including sexual orientation in the notice of non-discrimination and a list of nearly 200 faculty and Jesuits in support of its inclusion was published in the school newspaper the day of the vote. The university administration under President Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J. maintains its right to discriminate on basis of sexual orienatation by referencing Massachusetts state law which exepmts religious institutions from including sexual orientation in a notice of non-discrimination. Students and faculty in support of its inclusion note that other Catholic and Jesuit universities in the state, such as Weston and Holy Cross, do include sexual orientation in their notices of non-discrimination.
Father Leahy: But I can't extend rights to gay people, I'm homophobic and don't like them.

Dunn: You can't say that Willy.

Father Leahy: I mean, it's not in line with our Catholic teaching, yeah, that's it...our Catholic teaching.

(runs and hides under desk as 1500 students Strike, Rally, and March in protest)
by justicenow April 27, 2005

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