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A position in the sport of rugby. The scrumhalf (who usually wears the #9 jersey) is responsible for removing the ball from the back of scrums (hence the name scrumhalf) and rucks and distributing it to either the backs or forwards. This means that the scrumhalf (along with the flyhalf, another position in rugby that works closely with the scrumhalf) is responsible for coordinating the offensive strategy and making adjustments to the tempo of play as the game progresses. The scrumhalf also usually helps coordinate the team on defense and stays close to all rucks and mauls in case the ball should become open for play.

Scrumhalves tend to be smaller, quicker, and more compact in build than their forward teammates. Often, a scrumhalf will be one of the more experienced players on the team. They usually possess good ball-handling skills and a good knowledge of the game. They also need to be able to communicate well with teammates and make good decisions quickly.
Well, I used to be more of an outside center, but lately I've been playing at scrumhalf.
by justanotherrugger May 26, 2010
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