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the kind of love that exists only in real life, between real people, for real reasons. as apposed to the fairy tale, run of the mill, high school romance, at first sight, and so on and so on, this love encompasses all. it is up and down, easy and hard, right and wrong, a boy and a girl, day and night, peanut butter and jelly, addiction and sobriety, falling and flying.
you will know your love is "hard love" when you make it through all of the obstacles and challenges, all the good times and celebrations, and at the end of the day look into eachothers eyes and know you made it together, know you did it for eachother. know that it was all perfect.
when k-sleazy and i were apart, it was hell, but knowing in my heart we would once be together again made this "hard love" worth even more than we had been through.

"jj allstar, i fuckin hard love you"
by junglefacejake March 29, 2010
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Similar to Blood Brothers, where two best friends stand back to back naked from the waste down. Cheek to cheek they bend over and force out a poo each. When the poo meets in the middle it becomes one symbolising the unbreakable bond of poo brothers.
You're the coolest friend I could ever dream of, do yuu want to be Poo Brothers? You know what they say..... Poo is thicker than water
by JungleFaceJake January 08, 2013
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