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noun or verb (ree-krush)

The action or process of having a crush on someone again after getting over them the first time. It can happen days or years after the initial crush.
It is not considered a recrush if the person has had a continual crush for the duration of time, there must be evidence of uncrushing.
Example 1:
"Shoot, I was totally over him and then he called me last night I totally recrushed."

Example 2:
Girl 1: "Why do you keep talking about Vince, I thought you were over him?"
Girl 2: "Something changed when he wore that Cosby sweater the other day and now he's my recrush."

by juggins mccrea and e-mcg March 26, 2009
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n. (Flexee-cookie)
Is a metephortic "cookie" which one "eats" in order to become more fun, easy-going and less stick-in-the-muddish.

When an uptight, wet-blanket is being difficult and others are becoming annoyed by their crappy antics they need to eat a Flexie-Cookie to get back to being awesome.

An imaginative cookie that helps you poop out that giant stick up your ass.
Fun Girl: Hey come outside! We're feeding each other cookie dough while jumping on the trampoline!
Stick-in-the-mud: No, I'm sitting in the car, that sounds annoying.
Fun Girl: Somebody needs to eat a flexi-cookie!


Fun Girl: We're going about 10 minutes late.
Katie P.: Uuuuugh. Come on I could have organized my monthly receipts in that time.
Fun Girl: Katie, do you need to eat a Flexie-Cookie?
by juggins mccrea and e-mcg March 09, 2009
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cake-friend (n.)

1. A person whom one likes to bake with.
2. A person whom one knows and trusts with all cake recipes.

3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle to create the best cakes.

4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the cake world movement.
Taster: "Wow! This lemon pound cake is killer!"
Baker: "Oh Thanks! Alissa gave me that recipe, every recipe she gives me turns out great. She is my one true cake-friend."
by juggins mccrea and e-mcg April 30, 2009
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