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Is a term used by illiterate computer users to vaguely describe a miscellaneous software error on a computer that they can not readily describe in technical terms - even though it just happened, but in their defense they have the short term memory of a gold fish. This term may also describe an error that occurred on a system in 'Care Bear' dialect. Where a supposed word or phrase is pronounced with a squishy-lipped heartfelt apathetic slang.
Same time chat
User: "excuse me could you help me?"
Technician: "Sure, what can I do to help?"
User: "My insert major corporate application here just died and told me.......luw huddle handle.....?"
Technician: "Do you mean Logical Unit of Work handle exception?"
User: "Nooooeeeewwww, idk :-), could you pwwweeeeaassseee heeelllpp mmmee?"
Technician: "Sure thing, I'll be there in a minute to look at it."
by judogizzard September 22, 2009
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Expression used to signify a wink with the addition of the 'knick' sound coming from the mouth. To clarify the sound made, sucking air back into your mouth while pressing your tongue against the roof of you mouth (all on one side of your mouth) enables the sound. The expression can be used to convey the "I know" or the "That's right" statements' emotions. A person may use this same expression daily in those "I told you so" and "that's what I thought" moments, as well.
From a text chat:

Girl: "I lub wut u got meh 4 my bday babe."

Guy: "I kno gurl, ;-V . I'm glad =D ."
by judogizzard January 07, 2010
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Stands for BeaT The Fuck Up.

This phrase is uttered when a party or person does something totally inappropriate or absurd in someones point of view.
In a sprint race, someone tripping an opponent near the finish line.

Calling someone something out of line within a group of people in an argument where all parties comprehend the gravity of the statement towards the affected person.

Rosie O'Donnell, Danny Bonaduce, and Flavor Flav all got a TV show. Which in turn is BTTFU.
by Judogizzard January 30, 2010
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