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An amazingly addictive and beautiful girl. Her favourite colours are Red, Black, and Blue. She loves lily's. especially blue ones. Normally has amazing beautiful brown eyes. And luscious long brown hair. She has an amazing smile that is extremely addictive, and is very easy to get along with. She talks a lot but can be a lil shy. Has a lot of boundaries, but if you work hard enough to get passed them, you'll find it's completely worth it. A great girlfriend, though she believes she sucks at relationships. Amazing in and out of bed. She's a sex godess!

A great person to hang out with. You'll enjoy every minute you spend with her, and when you aren't hanging out with her, you'll look for a reason to. She is that amazing! I'm lucky to know her. And i love her with all my heart.

Mi Ángel. Te amo con todo mi corazon! Para siempre y siempre!
Hung out with Nancy today, that girl is f'ckin amazing. Can't wait to see her tomorrow.
by js_twigz May 23, 2010
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An amazingly strange individual. Has a very unique personality and is pretty easy to get along with. He sometimes likes to argue with you, but that's just his way of having fun. Great with art and poetry. Very easy going and laid back. And is always craving a cigarette. Helps out with problems but knows when its appropriate to just listen. Loves to help out the people he cares about and spends too much of his time on the ones close to his heart. He's a very forgiving person, but god help you if you piss him off. Revenge is part of his nature. And he's very good at exacting it. Either he'll love you or he'll hate you. There is no in between. And it's always better to be on his loving side, cause he can really f'ck you up if you aren't.

He is an amazing friend and even better if he's a part of your family. He doesn't realize it but a lot of his friends and family hold him dear to their hearts. He is an amazing brother, and even though he is the younger of the two, he is look up on by his older brother.
Girl - "Hey, do you know that Michael kid?"
Guy - "Yeah, he's my brother. F'ckin amazing kid. I love him to death."
Girl - "Yeah I know! Me too!"
by js_twigz May 23, 2010
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