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York County is in between Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA and is also referred to as "The County" or "YC" by those who live there. Weekend nights in the county consist of sitting at someone's house thinking of things to do or all meeting in a parking lot (usually WaWa, Wendy's, or WalMart) and trying to find something to do. If there is ever a party (that consists of more than 5 people sitting on couches), it gets busted by the YC cops who have nothing better to do. In the summers pretty much all the young people in YC can be found at the ever most popular Yorktown Beach (which is on a river). There are 4 highschools in York County: Grafton ("the rich school"), York ("the most ghetto YC school"),Tabb ("the pot head school") and Bruton (which no one knows anything about since it's pretty much in Williamsburg) The weird thing is, everyone's always bitching because they want to "get out of the county," but when they leave, they always wanna come back.
What's there to do in York County tonight?
Hey call John and tell him to meet us up at Wawa.
(5 cars sit at Wawa)
Sooo....what are we gonna do tonight?
Let's meet Dave at Walmart and then we'll figure it out...
yep...and it goes on like that till everyone's tired of bullshitting and goes home.fun times.
by jpaige December 31, 2005

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