2 definitions by jordan leveille/chris hall/eddy apice

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when you cut your dingles off and put them in your friends choclate ice cream
(it has to be choclate so they can blend in)
jon didnt wipe for 2 weeks.he cut off his ass hair wit dingles in them. he decided to save them for a friends tastey snack later on in the day. he got some ice cream for his friend.jon went upstairs to his collection while joe was eating the ice cream. he put them on his ice cream and joe ate it. joe just got jimmy dangled.
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when you jizz and you leave the jizz on the top of your dick or u dont wiope it all off the next time you look at your dick u will have dick cheese also know as dried up dick crustys on your tip
chris was jackin it like a beast and when he was done he was so tried he went to sleep in the middle of the night he got up to take a piss he notice that there was dried up jizz crustys on his head. ooo no chris has dick cheese.
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