5 definitions by johny

he lived in hanible a small town with nothing much there.
old writer that lived in the day he was a pimp
by johny November 18, 2004
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its the shit mest fuckin rocks i dont need music too make me feel like a badass like all those who think there hard core, but come on, have "you" ever killed anyone
by johny July 19, 2003
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one's inability to accept himself; one without self; one's tendency to live unhappily in accordance with principles which he does not understand but values because not to value these principles would introduce him to a reality which, though he senses its existence and its rightness, he fears acknowledging.
Your low self esteem effects me and that is why i dislike you.
by johny November 04, 2004
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reality produced by either men or environment that can be altered or influenced by men. a situation produced by men that other men have the ability to change, usually because they are the foundation or the customers of the situation. also, environmental conditions such as drought or earthquake whose consequences (on people) can be influenced by men. pliant reality implies situations that have gained acceptance or value through habit and tradition.
This tendency to accept pliant reality as immutable, or the best alternative to chaos, is for me one's rejection of himself, his intelligence, and his potential.
by johny November 04, 2004
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