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A trademarked term used to identify all products of the same type, such as the word "Kleenex" used to describe any facial tissue, or "Vaseline" as a term for a competing petroleum jelly. Other commonyms include, Band-Aid, ChapStick, Popsicle, and Q-tip.

Some former trademarks have become generic terms after a long life as commonyms, such as aspirin (formerly trademarked by Bayer) and escalator (a former trademark of the Otis Elevator Company.)
If Apple doesn't protect it's trademark, iPod will become a commonym for an MP3 player.
by JohnGoodman January 22, 2009

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Distractivity is what you’re doing when you get distracted from what you should be doing. It's generally what you want to do, often what you need to do, and arguably, what you’ll do best.
John wasn't making much progress on the company's annual report, so he welcomed the distractivity of working on his website.
by JohnGoodman January 25, 2010

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Luring website traffic with an active link in a short, cryptic or obscure message. Commonly used in Twitter, with bit.ly shorteners. Exploits the temptation to click first and ask questions later.
I got this URL bait off the mailing list - "lol see if you can follow ;) htt*://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxJKdh6KZ0w"

Twitter is full of URL bait - "Food (and wine) for thought htt*://bit.ly/amNYF"
by johngoodman March 22, 2010

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