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Slang term for penis. Each and every man has one and he stores it between his legs. It's size can vary greatly, but most men will add a couple inches when referring to their own. Dicks are usually classified into three catagories: schlort, schledium, and schlong. A dick has a very tough life: His owner likes to jerk him around, his best friend's a pussy, and his neighbour's an asshole. Most hetrosexual men use their dick for sexual activities.

Dick is also a colloquial term for an annoying man, or a nickname for a man named Richard.
Jane's boyfriend, Dick, was a total dick but she enjoyed sucking on his dick.

Hey Richard, come here! Dick, let's go!

I hate Joe Smith, he's such a dick!

I have a long dick.
by joejackjacobsonthe second December 13, 2009

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